With all the sickness going around right now, and especially effecting the elderly, I thought I would re-post this! It is a great way to bring joy to people who can’t have any visitors right now. 🙂 And if you would just like to write to an assisted living home near you, that would be awesome as well! ❤

Laura Marie

Recently, I wrote a letter to the welcome center of Tennessee for a school project. After a while, I got a whole package back filled with pamphlets about TN and a letter from the lady who worked there! She told me that my letter made her day, and she seemed really happy that I had taken the time to write to her.

Soon after, I started wondering if there were other people that I could write to, people who would be really glad to hear from someone. My mom had the great idea to try writing to residents in assisted living homes! I started calling assisted living homes around my town, asking for names of residents who they thought would enjoy a letter. Most of them couldn’t give me specific names due to privacy laws, but they told me that if I wrote some letters addressed to “my favorite resident”…

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