Happy National Gumdrop Day, everyone! Go eat some gumdrops!

Today, I made a photostory with my dolls! I present to you…..

An Unusual Living Room Tour

“Hey, guys! Jess here!”

“As you can see, we just decorated our living room, so today I am going to be giving a tour! Let’s get started!”

Addy: *whispers* “Jess! That’s not the camera!”

“Whoops! Wait a moment – I need my glasses! That’s what’s missing. No wonder I can’t see. Okay, hold on, guys. I need to find my glasses. Maybe they fell off while I was taking a nap?”

“Let me look under the chair. Nope, not there!”

“Okay! You can do this, Jess. Maybe they’re on the shelf!”

“Here they are! Wait a minute – these aren’t my glasses! These are the worst glasses I have ever seen, and I can’t even see!”

“Hmm… not here, or here, or here! Oh, what am I going to do?”


“Okay, I guess I’ll keep looking. They could be behind the TV…. Ouch! That’s not the TV. Oh, my poor face…”

“Well, guys, I am super sorry, but I will have to postpone this tour until I can find my glasses! Bye!”

“Has anyone seen my glasses?”

Addy: *muttering from behind the camera* “Well, the show must go on…”

“Um, hello, guys! This is Addy. Since Jess is currently unavailable, I will be taking over this tour!”

“Here we have this cozy purple chair. It is really nice to watch movies and read in.”

“Next, we have this white rug. I like it a lot.”

“Here is our TV! Jess is always using it, so we can never use it.”

“This is our laundry basket.”

“And this is our shelf!” 🙂

“Hey, Addy! Guess what? I found my glasses! You won’t believe where they were!”

“Oh, Jess…”

The End

I hope you all enjoyed that photostory! When I was about to take the pictures for it, my camera died. So thanks so much to my sister Clara for letting me use her camera! 😀

Thank you all very much for reading! I hope you all have a wonderful day. 🙂

Do you enjoy reading photostories? Has your camera ever died when you were about to take pictures? What did you do for Valentine’s Day?


36 thoughts on “An Unusual Living Room Tour – A Photostory

    1. Thank you! I actually do not have a dollhouse I just set up poster board doll rooms when I want to take pictures. 🙂 But thank you! 😀

      -Laura ❤ 😉


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! SO FUNNY!!! I love how Jess was looking for her glasses when they were on her head the whole time! XDDDDDD I have the same purple saucer chair too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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