I got to go to a wedding. It was super fun and I got to eat pizza and help decorate and all that fun stuff. 🙂

Next thing is that I am flying on an airplane next week. I am super excited!! I have never flown before so I am VERY happy. 🙂

Next is….. I am going to do a poll today for the very first time!! Whoo hoo! 

I am also doing the summer reading program at my library! I have already read 16 books!

And finally, I am learning Latin. I am on book two. This is hello in Latin: “Salve.” It is a very fun thing to learn. 😀

Thanks for reading!

How have you been? Are you going anywhere special this summer? 


6 thoughts on “~My Life Lately~

  1. Ooh, I helped decorate for a wedding too, and it was quite fun – but I didn’t get any pizza. Wow, that IS exciting that you’re flying on a plane! I’ve only flown when I was too little to remember. And I took your poll! I like all of the choices, but I decided to do the “Other” choice.

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