Howdy partners!

I took some pictures of cats, flowers, and baby barn swallows!

First are some kitties.




And my sweet little Ember!!

Now for some flowers!


I love these flowers!


Now for the CUTEST THING EVER!!!

Baby barn swallows!

We got to watch the mom and dad build the nest and raise them!!

They are super duper cute!


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Thanks for reading!


12 thoughts on “Farm Photography!

  1. Awww, CUTE! The cats are adorable, and it’s so neat that you got to watch the baby barn swallows grow up! Often a mother house finch builds her nest in our gutter, so we get to watch baby birds grow up too.

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    1. Thanks! Today the baby barn swallows started flying! Ninja and Ember are sitting RIGHT under the nest. O_o That’s really cool!!
      -Lula πŸ™‚


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