Summer Bored Games Final Post & WINNERS

Happy National Blueberry Popsicle Day! Woah, can y'all believe that the Summer Bored Games is over?! I feel like Enni and I just posted the sign-up posts! I really enjoyed being a host this year. It was so much fun working with Enni and seeing y'all do the challenges. 🙂 And now it's time to … Continue reading Summer Bored Games Final Post & WINNERS

The Summer Bored Games Week 4

Happy National Cherry Popsicle Day! Thank you all so much for participating in the Summer Bored Games! I've had so much fun hosting it with Enni. Can you believe this is the last week? O_O I feel like it just started! XD Anyway, I bet you're here to see the points and get new challenges, … Continue reading The Summer Bored Games Week 4

The Summer Bored Games 2020 Sign-Ups

Y’all go sign up! 🙂

Laura Marie

Happy National It’s Time for the Summer Bored Games Day!

Who’s excited? I know I’m excited! 😀 Many of you have participated in the Summer Bored Games before, but if you haven’t or just want a refresher on how everything works, read on!

The Summer Bored Games will chase away boredom and help you have the best summer ever! Not to mention you can win prizes, and who doesn’t love winning prizes?! 😀

Enni @ The Blanket Burrito

Laura @ Laura Marie

Enni and I are going to take turns posting new challenges every week for the month of August. Every week, we’ll post 35 new challenges. There will be points assigned to each challenge—the harder the challenge, the more points you can earn!

There’s not a certain number of points you have to collect in a week, as many as you can do is great! However,

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